These new videos are all in mpeg format, which means they will play in Real Player, Windows Media Player, or Quicktime. They are a bit big though, so I've indicated the download size.

"Fierce Licking"- I read somewhere recently that cats spend about 50% of their time awake grooming. My cats often curl up together and have a lick-fest. But, this time, Schnecka's not feeling the love. The best part happened when the camera shut off- Schnecka gave Piglet a big swat on the nose and ran off. 3mb

"When Cats Attack"- With Schnecka out of the way, Piglet takes his revenge on the paparazzi. 1.5mb

"The Old Tape on the Back Trick"- A small piece of tape on the back is all it takes to get a rodeo-like bucking bronco show. 1.5mb

"Smells like Teen Spirit"- Hey, I think I was just sitting in that chair! 1.5mb

"Studiously Ignoring Me"- My filmmaking session has become tiresome. 3mb

"Starstruck"- Taken much earlier in the evening when the camera was still an object of interest. 1mb

"Elevator Butt"- In my defense, I didn't realize how obscene this looked when I was doing it. 1mb

"Love Bites"- I've also read that biting can be a sign of affection, but it seems to me there's a thin line between love bites and real bites. 1mb

"Soccer Mom" and "Soccer Mom Redux"- Schnecka's got her eye on the World Cup. 2mb

"Playing the Cello"- Piglet indulges in his favorite sport- licking between his legs. 1mb

"Stretch"- And because playing the cello is so strenuous, it requires a good stretch afterwards, followed by some, you guessed it- licking. 1mb

"Tastes Like Chicken"- a pointless video of Schnecka masticating a bug (3mb)

"Why You Shouldn't Chew with Your Mouth Open"- Schnecka's continued Epicurean adventures (less than 1mb)

"Thoughtful Licking"- a meditation on the meaning of life (1.5mb)

"Makin' Bread"- Piglet gets stuck on the kneading stage (less than 1mb)

"Dinner Bell"- not since high school have I been so excited about food in a can (1mb)

"Summer in Seattle"- who doesn't love refreshing summer rain? (1mb)

"Beaches and Rocks"- a pointless mini-documentary about an artist's quest to stack rocks
Real Player format

"Snow falling on evergreens"- a pointless video of snow falling on what might possibly be cedars
Real Player format

"Flight of the bumblebee"- exciting, perhaps, if you have never seen a bee flying
Real Player format

"Piglet's PSA for ADD"- huh? what's goin' on?
Real Player format

"Hairballs can be prevented"- an intimate look at my cats eating Petromalt (Ingredients: Liquid Petroleum 44%, malt syrup 47%...)
Real Player format

"Meditation on the Crackers Who Broke My Hatchet"- a not entirely pointless home video concerning the state of my emotions after our camping neighbors stole, then broke my hatchet.
Real Player version | Quicktime version

"I Need More Cardio!"- a pointless home video of Piglet walking on the treadmill.
Real Player version | Quicktime version

"More Stupid Pet Tricks"- 2 pointless home videos of Piglet climbing a ladder.
climbing up- Real Player version | Quicktime version
climbing down- Real Player version | Quicktime version

"Catnap"- a pointless home video of my cats sleeping, set to a soothing George Winston soundtrack.
Real Player version

"Slug Xing"- the most pointless of them all, a home video of a truly giant banana slug sliming its way up a park trail.
Real Player version

"UnFancy Feast"- a pointless home video of my cats eating wet food.
Windows Media Player version | Real Player version

"Gettin' fresh"- a pointless home video my friend Chris took of us, well, gettin' fresh.
Windows Media Player version | Real Player version

updated by Amy on 8/26/04