Chapter 5 In Which Piglet Travels to the Land of His Ancestors


After an exhausting flight from India to Japan,  Piglet grabbed a taxi.  “Take us to the best sushi bar in town, driver,” he said.  Then he reached over to his tiny Chihuahua companion, trying to ruffle her fur, but not really succeeding because, well, Chihuahuas have very short hair. 


“From samosas to sushi, how about that, my friend?” Piglet questioned.  Piglet was genuinely feeling very expansive and generous, although it wasn’t normally his habit to blather on so.  He had to admit that having a mute companion compelled him to make uncharacteristic remarks.  The adorable little dog did help keep his mind off Hello though, and for that, he was rather grateful, if overly verbose.


Once at the sushi bar, Piglet had seated the Chihuahua on his luggage so that she’d be able to watch the sushi chef do his magic.  She trembled a little from excitement and widened her eyes at the unexpected show.  Piglet ordered for them, a round of nigirizushi.  The chef delivered the sushi very artfully arranged on a platter.  Both had trouble with their chopsticks, and not for the first time, Piglet cursed his lack of opposable thumbs.


Finally, the dog timidly picked up her sushi in her tiny paw.  I wonder what that creamy green paste is? she wondered, generously smearing her tekka maki roll with it.  She popped it into her mouth.  Her mouth rounded into an O of surprise, and tears sprang to her eyes.  If dogs could sweat, she would have had beads of sweat running down her face.  As it was, she swallowed the mouthful and shoveled paw after paw of rice into her mouth.


Piglet looked on with sympathy  “Maybe you should slow down on that wasabi,” he advised, then added unnecessarily, “It’s a hot radish condiment.”  He couldn’t help a little chuckle.  He had been the lucky recipient of Hello’s treatise on sushi etiquette, so he was not likely to make such a foolish mistake.


The dog gave a small nod and grasped another piece of sushi in her paw.  This time, she only lightly graced it with wasabi.  She ate this piece thoughtfully, then another, faster this time, then another until she had gobbled down the whole plate.  She looked up at Piglet with a lovesick expression, or as it is more commonly known, “puppy dog eyes.”  “Piglet,” she said excitedly, “I love sushi!”


Piglet laughed heartily and exclaimed, “I can see that!”  Then, he turned to the chef, and,  in impeccable Japanese, asked for another round.  He sat back on his stool and took a sip of warm sake.  He looked over at the Chihuahua, and it suddenly dawned on him; he had never heard her speak before now.  He leaned over towards her, and said, “Hey, you didn’t talk in the last chapter.”


“Ah, yes, that’s true, but I do speak quite well.  Hello taught me,” remarked the funny little dog.  “A little bit of French even,” she added with a hint of boastfulness.


Piglet laughed again.  “You are a surprise and a delight, Wasabi,” he said, christening his canine companion.


*     *     *



Piglet, drunk on sake, owned the stage of the Tokyo Rose country western karaoke bar.  He strutted around, his spurs jangling as he did his best Garth Brooks imitation. 


I got friends in looooooow places,

Where the whiskey floooooooows,

And the beer chases my blues away,

I’ll be okaaaaaaay.


He hooked his paws into a waistband encumbered by a belt buckle the size and shape of Texas and proceeded to stumble his way through a Texas two-step finish.  He threw an exaggerated wink to the group of giggling Japanese girls at the front table.  Yes, he was feeling quite optimistic about his chances tonight.


His imagined conquests were cut short by a single long-stemmed red rose, lifted up into

the spotlight by a well-manicured paw.  His eyes slowly tracked the flower to its owner, whose face was obscured by a powder pink Stetson.  Dramatically, she lifted her head—it was none other than Hello Kitty.


            Speechless, he took the rose in one paw and pulled Hello up onto the stage with the other.  As if rehearsed, they turned to each other and looked deeply into each other’s eyes for a long moment.  The crowd grew silent, focused on the alt-country star couple.  Finally, without taking her eyes off Piglet, she called out to the DJ, “number 41, maestro, if you please.”


            The familiar music started, and Hello and Piglet began their synchronized hip swaying duet.   


Islands in the stream,
That is what we are,
No one in between,
How can we be wrong,
Sail away with me,
To another world,
And we rely on each other aha,
From one lover to another aha.


By the end of the song, there was not a dry eye in the crowd, least of all Wasabi, who was a rather tenderhearted Chihuahua.



*     *     *



Piglet sat on the bed, his head between his paws.  How could this be happening to me again? He thought miserably.


Hello crossed the room and tucked a final scarf into her British Airways carry-on bag.  She pursed her lips, scanning the room for stray items.  Her gaze fell on Piglet. 


“Piglet honey, you know I’m just here on business, researching my newest line of clothing and accessories.”  She cocked her head.  “Western Kitty, I think I’ll call it.  Anyway, I’m done with my sketches, and I really must get back,” she continued.  “I’ve left sister Mimmy in charge, and you know how she is with figures.” 


She walked over to him and stroked his cheek.  Despite himself, Piglet started purring loudly.  “Ride with me to the airport?” she asked, offering him a small consolation.


He was feeling quite pouty and considered saying no, but he found he just couldn’t say no to Hello.  He obeyed her dutifully, but decided to salvage his dignity by not speaking to her.


They stepped out of the hotel and into a waiting taxi.  As the taxi sped along, Piglet contemplated whether or not Hello had noticed his silent treatment.  When he looked up, she was gazing at him thoughtfully.


“Oh, Piglet,” Hello said, “We could have had such a damned good time together.”


The taxi veered suddenly, pressing Hello against Piglet.


“Yes,” Piglet said, “Isn’t it pretty to think so?”



Stay Tuned for Chapter 6 In Which Piglet Discovers He’s Been Neutered.