Chapter 2: In Which Piglet Falls out a Window to his Freedom


            Piglet was curled up on the couch, sullenly thinking about his current nemesis, the doorknob.  It had been a week since his discussion with Schnecka.  In that time, he'd experimented with various ways to gain access to the doorknob.  This had led to a bitter discovery that even if he could reach the doorknob, he still couldn't turn it.  Apparently, this was a task that required an opposable thumb, he thought disgustedly.

            He caught a bright flash of color in the corner of his eye.  Instantly, he was on all fours, his head swiveled around to take in the action.  He raced to the window in time to see two crows scrapping over a bit of trash, some sort of fast food wrapper.  He pressed his face against the screen, trying to get a whiff of crow. 

            There was an explosion of noise as one crow broke away with the prize and the other was left to squawk its complaints across the neighborhood.  Piglet stood on his hind feet and sunk his front claws into the screen, leaning his full weight against it.  I'd like to get my teeth into one of those juicy birds, he thought, while his mouth moved uncontrollably in bird-lust.

            His thoughts were interrupted by a funny feeling of weightlessness, then a second later, the poking of branches.  A few seconds after that he was on the ground, tensely digging his claws into the pavement, darting his head around.  What just happened, he wondered.  He looked up and saw the screen tangled in the tree branches.  He looked around him again- the sidewalk, the street, the bushes.  Why, he must have fallen out the window!  He grinned. Good thing that vet was wrong about our breed not being able to flip mid-air, he thought.

            He stood for a minute, not knowing what to make of his newfound freedom.  Sure, he talked a good game, but the world outside was much bigger and louder than he thought it would be.  His eye caught the crows again, riding the wind and swooping down into the grocery store parking lot.  He decided, because he had nothing in the way of a real plan, that he would follow them.  He trotted across the empty street into the lot, then stopped a minute, twitching his nose.  There were so many smells.

He noticed a woman and her daughter by the door to the store.  They were selling Girl Scout cookies, rows of colorful boxes stacked on a table.  He casually strolled over to them and sniffed their proffered hands.  He allowed them to ruffle his fur and exclaim over his masculine beauty.  He always could charm the ladies.

Suddenly, a large man dressed all in black leather burst through the door.  Piglet instinctively shrunk back.  He'd never seen such a large human before, with such an array of scents.  His lank hair and tattoos were frightening, but Piglet was drawn to the enticing odor of all that leather.

"Girl Scouts," the man snarled and grinned a wide, greasy grin.  "My boys love Girl Scouts."  He laughed while the mother protectively encircled the little girl in her arms.  He reached around and whipped his wallet on a chain out of his back pocket.  He pulled out a twenty dollar bill and said, "Give me 4 boxes of thin mints and a box of those coconutty ones."

Primly, the woman took his money while her daughter pushed the cookies forward.  The man grabbed all five boxes in one hand and ambled towards his motorcycle.  Piglet's heart was racing from the encounter.  As he watched the man straddle his Harley, he thought, this is my chance.

  He ran over to the man, rubbing up against his dirty motorcycle boot.  The man leaned over and picked him up.  He held him gracelessly suspended in the air.  Piglet started to purr nervously.  Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all.  The biker continued to look at him, taking in his bobtail, the nick in the tip of his now very pink ears, the scratch on his nose.

"You look like a real cool cat," the man pronounced.  "How'd you like to go for a ride?"  Without waiting for an answer, he dropped Piglet into his sidecar.  He produced an enormous pair of goggles, which he positioned awkwardly on Piglet's head, pulling the straps extra tight.  Then he turned away and gunned the engine.

This is it, Piglet thought happily as the biker peeled out of the parking lot, leaving a smoking skid mark. This is the beginning of my big adventure.



Stay tuned for Chapter 3: In Which Schnecka Receives a Letter from Piglet