Chapter 1: In Which Piglet Gets the Wanderlust


            Piglet yawned and stretched.  He'd grown restless after many hours of instant messaging his friends.  "Schnecka," he said to his sister, who was sitting nearby in a rocking chair reading a romance novel, "seems to me there's a big world out there."  He shut down his laptop and hopped up onto the windowsill.  He pressed his nose to the screen and took a series of brief, but appreciative sniffs.  "I'm an adventurer at heart, and I can't help feeling like life is passing me by."

Schnecka quietly closed her book and slipped off her pink rhinestone-studded reading glasses.  She was used to counseling Piglet, who suffered bouts of ennui.  He was one moody cat.  "Piglet, use your computer skills to travel cyberspace instead of chatting with your tomcat friends all day.  Honestly, even the humans don't really travel anymore.  I've heard them say what they see on the internet and TV is better than the real thing."

Piglet groaned.  "As if we should put any stock in what the humans say.  No, I want my travel to be real.  I want to hitchhike. I want to meet other cool cats.  I want to get impossibly dirty.  I want to experience," he moaned with emphasis.  "Just like On the Road."

Now, it was Schnecka's turn to groan.  She regretted, not for the first time, introducing Piglet to the works of Jack Kerouac.  She decided to take a different tack.  "Piggie," she said gently, "I suppose we are in a rut, but we've got a good thing going here.  Soft pillows to sleep on, lots of small things to knock off tables and counters, wide windows for birdwatching, an occasional bug that appears on the ceiling, delicious kibble…"  Her voice trailed off as she considered the kibble, of which she was overly fond.  She absently stroked her paunch, thinking about the sound the kibble makes hitting the bowl.  Why, she thought, that's the most delicious sound in the world.

She was startled out of her reverie by Piglet snapping, "Well, a bowl of kibble may be enough for you Sis, but it's not for me."  He was quite cross with Schnecka.  Not that he didn't occasionally cozy up with the humans, but never allowed himself to become domesticated.  He still had imagination enough to envision a life without the tyranny of the humans with their closed doors.  "Just you wait, Schnecka, as soon as I can figure out how to use a doorknob, I'm out of here."  He turned his face back to the window.

Schnecka sighed.  There was nothing left to say, so she slid her glasses back onto her nose and flipped open her book.



Stay tuned for Chapter 2: In Which Piglet Falls out a Window to his Freedom.