The car

Believe it or not, this car has been in the neighborhood for as long as I have lived in Seattle (7 years). Over the years, I've come to think of it as a friend- a disgusting, wrecked carcass of a friend. On my walks up and down Roosevelt, I like to muse on its continual decline.
Oh, another flat tire, I might say to myself. Or, look, someone has lovingly half-tied on a tarp to sort of protect it from the rain.
The tarp in particular was a nice touch; it showed the caring that some unknown Seattle resident lavishes on this broken down old car. Amazing, this person has paid to keep the license plate tabs current. For years, they have moved the car (somehow, with 4 flat tires) around the neighborhood, parking in different spots, indeed, on different streets, in a vain attempt to stave off the abandoned car authorities.
Throughout these many changing years of my life, this car has remained constant. And yet now, another milestone- the car is being offered up for sale, complete with an abandoned vehicle notice glued to the windshield. Will you not make your best offer?

Page created by Amy on 6/20/04.