amy with special friend

When I'm not out having malacological adventures, I'm at home slaving away on new videos, stories and artworks.

Timeless Classics of Literature and Refinement

Piglet's Big Adventure
Chapter 1: In Which Piglet Gets the Wanderlust
Chapter 2: In Which Piglet Falls out a Window to his Freedom
Chapter 3: In Which Schnecka Receives a Letter from Piglet
Chapter 4: In Which Piglet Goes on a Spiritual Quest
Chapter 5:In Which Piglet Travels to the Land of his Ancestors
Chapter 6:In Which Piglet Discovers He's Been Neutered
Chapter 7:In Which Piglet Meets Bacon and Pork Chop

The Crazy Misadventures of Mulder and Scully
The Mung Bean Incident
Operation Peep

Culinary delights
Gingerbread Trailer Park 2005- a gingerbread homage to Canadian tv show Trailer Park Boys
I Love Cake- recipes and photos of my favorite cakes
Grillin' and chillin'- a shameless plug for Play-doh's version of the George Foreman grill

Malacological delights
Slug feeding frenzy
Snail photo gallery
Slug photo shoot
Biggest banana slug ever!- also the ugliest

Not culinary or malacological, but delightful all the same
Cats in Odd Places- photos of our cats in boxes, sinks, egg crates, and other odd places
Pointless Home Videos
Beach Artworks
The Flaming Marshmallow Incident- a mystery of sorts
Car 4 Sale- a neighborhood icon up for grabs

amy 1/15/06